Makeshift Toys

She found something to play with on her way down the mountain.

School Room

When Burmese soldiers attack our villages they also destroy our schools. We flee to the refugee camp for safety and education.

Refugee Family

A few years ago we were classmates. Now she has a beautiful baby!


Clean water is a big problem for the 40,000 people living in Mae La refugee camp. This is one of the few places filtered water is available.

Water Control

The camp's water pump is behind this fence. In the dry season, there are two times in the morning and two times in the evening when water is available.


Sometimes people build their own wells. I worry that this one is too close to the river. When I took this photo the water was very brown. If the water gets a little cleaner the girl will fill up her bucket.

Lost Baht

He's searching for a coin he dropped.


These kids pick through the stinking garbage, looking for things their families might be able to use.

Church Curtains

We first built our church in the refugee camp with bamboo. Several years later we rebuilt it with concrete.

Pork Store

There are small stores and restaurants in the refugee camp. However it is very hard for us to earn money. Some people sneak out of the camp to find work. Others receive money from relatives who have resettled in foreign countries.

Karen Snacks

This is a tasty Karen treat made with fried rice pudding and coconut.

Bitter Greens

We like to cook with these herbs.


We receive charcoal from the Thailand Burma Border Consortium but we never have enough. After the bags are empty we wet the coal powder to create more coals.


Mae La refugee camp is surrounded by steep cliffs.

Woven Flute

In the camp we paint these murals to celebrate and remember our culture.